SAM6™ Certification Courses

Master the formula for making documentation clear and usable.

Learn and practice SAM6™, the proven method for analyzing, organizing and presenting business and technical documentation.

Learn to build documents that:

  • make complex information easier to follow
  • reduce confusion and error
  • improve reader/user performance
  • achieve compliance goals

“We have found the Structured Authoring Method (SAM6™) and DocuTools software to be instrumental in creating asset strategies, standards, job plans and procedures. The training provided by PTA is engaging and arms the user with powerful tools for clear and concise technical writing.”Malcolm Osenton / Director, Reliability / The Mosaic Company

Choose a workshop that’s right for your team


SAM6 for Developing Policies and Procedures™

SAM6 Developing SOPs and Work Instructions™

SAM6 for Managers™

Workshop At-a-Glance


2 days

1 day

1 day

Delivered onsite

up to 20
up to 20
up to 20

For people creating…

  • Policy Manuals
  • System Guides
  • Large SOPs
  • Training Materials
  • Procedures
  • Work Instructions
  • User Guides
  • Job-aids
All business and technical document types.

Pace and practice

Medium pace, extensive practice

Accelerated pace, moderate practice

Accelerated pace, moderate practice

Skills Learned

Document Architecture

SAM’s 6 Information Types: Identification and Separation
SAM’s 6 Techniques for Clear Content
Advanced Techniques
Writing Step-by-Step Instructions
Advanced Techniques
Writing Process and Policy Information
Advanced Techniques

Rapid authoring with DT7 Word templates

Learners receive:

Official Guide to SAM6™

DT7 License

Course Certificate


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