Quickly create professional manuals, guides and training materials.

Establish an authoring standard for individuals and teams working in Word®


Creating Business Documents Is Easier Than Ever

DocuTools 7 integrates directly with Word® to give authors a professional tool for developing business documents like manuals, guides, SOPs, training materials and other documents. DocuTools 7 provides a standard layout, heading systems, tables, lists, reusable content galleries and other features for accelerating and standardizing document production. Designed for individual writers and project teams alike, DocuTools 7 improves document quality, consistency and author productivity. And if you really want to build successful documents, check out our structured writing courses where you'll go way beyond tools, and expand your information design and development skills.


Use and Manage Built-In Parts
to Jump Start Your Documents

Choose from built-in templates and objects, like:

  • Instructor Guides
  • Participant Workbooks
  • Activities and Checklists
  • User Manuals
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Policy Statements
  • Header-Footer combinations
  • and custom collections that
    you create...



Create Your Own Parts and Images Collections, and Share With Your Team

Save, organize and share your own collections of reusable document parts, templates to improve productivity and standardize your documentation across multiple writers, knowledge workers and project teams.

Using Template Galleries, you can:

  • Quickly save and organize document parts or templates
  • Save document parts as small as a single word or as large as a whole document
  • Save and re-use excel spreadsheets, powerpoint slides and other embeddable Office items
  • Create, name and organize multiple galleries
  • Store your galleries locally, or share them on a network or web location others can load from.

Create Your Own Image Galleries

Save, organize and share reusable graphics, illustrations and icons.

Using Image Galleries, you can:

  • Quickly access built-in icons provided with DocuTools
  • Quickly save and organize your own image collections that you and your team use regularly
  • Save any standard image file (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP) to a collection
  • Just like Template Galleries, create and organize multiple image galleries
  • Store your image galleries locally, or share them on a network or web location that others can load from.
  • Drop images into your document by simply dragging them from the open gallery

Custom Skinning

Use the new Starter to select the skin you want to author in, as well as manage and edit your skins. We’ve provided some sample skins to get you started, but now you can finally create any skin you like that fits the unique needs of your business, your project, your brand. You have full control over the color, fonts, spacing, and layout of your skin. Create one skin, or create 20, and share them with your co-authors. 




Installation Requirements

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), or Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
.NET Runtime .NET 4.0 or later (gets installed if not present)
Microsoft Word Word 2007 - 2016
Mac users Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later with Parallels Desktop 7 or later for Mac or VMware Fusion 4 or later for Mac. Word for Windows must also be installed.


Improve Your Documentation Skills:
Combine DocuTools™ 7 with One of Our Writing Courses

Great documents require more than just professional appearances.
They require carfeul planning, content analysis and organization too.

Upskill your team's documentation skills in our hands-on training programs
that combine proven structured communications techniques
with licenses and training in DocuTools™ 7 software.

Public and Private Workshops

DocuTools Software is included, and taught, in all DocuTools writing courses. These interactive, hands-on courses blend writing techniques together with learning the DocuTools software.


eLearning Programs

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