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DocuTools™ Writing System
DocuTools™ Refresher Course


Review the fundamentals of The Method
Practice using the DocuTools™ Formatting Software
Bring in and discuss your own work with the instructor
Taught by professional writers certified in DocuTools™


This course provides people previously trained in DocuTools™ (or a competitor’s program) a one-day review of the critical concepts and skills used in structured writing, as well as practice using DocuTools™ 5.0 for Word. This course is ideal for users who were certified long ago and have been out pf practice using the method and software.

Skills reviewed and practiced
Participants will review and practice:

  • Audience and content analysis
  • Applying the 7 Principles of DocuTools™
  • Identifying and developing the 7 Information Types of DocuTools™
  • Using DocuTools™ for MS Word to create and edit documents

Who should attend

This course is designed exclusively for individuals who have been previously certified in a DocuTools™ program or an approved competitor’s program. Please contact PTA to find out if prospective attendees qualify.

  What attendees receive
Each participant will receive:
  • One full day of instruction, practice and feedback
  • One bound 50-page Reference Guide summarizing the  concepts and techniques taught during training
  • One set of all job-aids and handouts used during training


At a time and location convenient for you, PTA will provide a Certified instructor to deliver this one-day course to groups of up to 20 per session. Please contact PTA for scheduling and pricing information.