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DocuTools™ Writing System
Technical Writing
for Non-Writers


Create professional technical manuals and communications
Dramatically reduce writing and editing time
Receive and learn to use DocuTools™ Formatting Software
Classroom and online delivery options available


This course teaches participants how to create technical documents such as user manuals, operating instructions and complicated procedures by applying the DocuTools™ Writing System. Using DocuTools™, participants will develop technical content for print or online that is easy to find, understand and maintain.

What attendees receive

Like the Policies and Procedures course, this is a comprehensive, hands-on class.  The course covers (5) information types and six (6) guidelines for creating documents that contain the information readers need presented so that they can easily find and then understand what they’re looking for.   Students not only learn about, but apply the writing method to representative documents during the class.  The key difference between this course and the Policies and Procedures course are that it:

  • focuses more on technical documents than on policy documents
  • spends more time on functional graphics

Skills learned

Participants will learn to:

  • Assess the information needs of the reader
  • Follow a user-centered development process
  • Gather and analyze content from existing materials and subject matter experts
  • Organize and sequence content to meet users' needs and expectations
  • Apply best practices for developing:
    • Simple procedures
    • Complex procedures (If/Then contingencies)
    • Processes (in table and flowchart formats)
    • Knowledge information (concepts, definitions, etc.)
    • Tables, charts and graphics
  • Review, test, and revise documents to ensure usability
  • Use DocuTools™ for MS Word to quickly create and edit professional documents
Intended Application

This course is intended for people developing:

  • User Manuals and Procedures
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Owner's/Operator's Manuals
  • Installation and Maintenance Guides
  • API and standards documentation
  • Requirements specifications
Who should attend

Typical attendees include:

  • Product managers
  • Software/Hardware engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Quality and safety professionals
  • Documentation managers
  • Subject-matter experts
  What attendees receive

Each participant will receive:

  • Extensive instruction, practice and feedback
  • One bound 200-page Reference Guide detailing all concepts and techniques taught during training
  • One set of all job-aids and handouts used during training
  • One CD and user license for
    DocuTools™ 7 for Word
    (a $199 value)
  • Certificate of Completion signed by a Master PTA Instructor

Delivery Options

Option 1: In-house, classroom training

At a time and location convenient for your team, PTA will provide a Certified instructor to deliver this 2-day course to groups of 6 to 20. PTA supplies the instructor, all course materials and software. All you need to do is select a date and supply a suitable training room.  Please contact PTA for scheduling and pricing information.

Option 2: Instructor Certification Program

Organizations with sufficient annual training demand may elect to certify their own instructor(s) to teach this course internally. This option lowers training fees and provides maximum flexibility.
Contact us today to learn more about instructor prerequisites, the certification process and fee structures.
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